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Grace Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church 

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Rev. Moses Ellis

Rev. Moses Ellis Jr. began believing in Christ at a young age. He was baptized in 2012 and the Lord totally transformed his life. He accepted his call to preach in September of 2015 and preached his 1st sermon in December of 2015. He has a passion for God’s word and God’s people and most especially God's Children. His ambition is to impact the lives of children in a Godly manner by being a living testimony of what God can do in the lives of young people. He is the Sunday school instructor for our teenagers and he holds the joy of preaching to the Youth of Grace in our Children’s church service A.K.A Y.O.G.!

Rev. Ellis Preaching Assignments

 Bible References
11/20/16 7:45am
Luke 1:26-38

"Thank God For The Struggle"

6/26/16 7:45AM
Jeremiah 1:4-9
"I'm Living On Purpose"
5/01/16 9:45am
 Isaiah 61:1-5,7
 "Why Is All Of This Happening?"
 3/13/16 7:45am
 Daniel 3:14-27
 "Don't Worry He's Got You Covered"
  12-06-15 6:45PM
 John 3:14-16

Rev. Ellis Video

11/20/16 7:45am Rev. Moses Ellis Jr.

Luke 1:26-38 "Thank God For The Struggle"

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