Grace Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church

Grace Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church 

"Serving with the Love of Christ and a Spirit of Excellence" 

Rev. LaRoya Brackins

Rev. La'Roya Brackins accepted Christ 

at the age of 6. She accepted her call to 

preach in September of 2006 at the age 

of 24 and preached her first sermon in 

November of 2006. Her message is very 

simple: You are never to young to truly seek 

God and clearly hear His voice as it relates to 

His will for your life. She serves as the leader of R.E.B.I.S. (Roy Elton Brackins Inspirational Singers) Worship and Praise Team. She hopes that her life and ministry will be a testimony to the fact that God can use anyone at any point in their lives. 

Rev. Brackins Preaching Assignments

 Bible Referecnces

10/2/16 10:45am

1 Peter 5:10

"Just give him a little while"

7/17/16 10:45am
1 Tim 1:12-14
 "I've Got A Testimony"
3/9/16 7:00pm
Jeremiah 1:17
 "Instructions Before The Assignment"
12/13/15 10:45AM
Isaiah 26:3
"State Your Location"

Rev. Brackins Video

7/17/16 10:45am Rev. Laroya Brackins

1 Tim 1:12-14 "I've Got A Testimony"

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