Grace Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church

Grace Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church 

"Serving with the Love of Christ and a Spirit of Excellence" 

Rev. John Hendrix

Rev. John Hendrix Sr. accepted Christ 
at the age of 8. God called him to preach 
the gospel in August 2005, and he 
accepted his calling in August 06. Rev. 
Hendrix wears many hats and serves as 
Men's Ministry Leader. He is faithfully 
committed to sharing the love and 
compassion of Jesus Christ with a personal touch.

Rev. Hendrix Preaching Assignments

 Bible References
2/28/16 10:45am
John 20:19

"The Didymus In Us"

12/13/15 7:45AM
Isaiah 52:7
"Beautiful Feet"
 7/19/15 10:45am
Luke 15:12-24
"Do You Have a Prodigal Spirit?"

Rev. Hendrix Video

2/28/16 10:45am Rev. John Hendrix Sr.

John 20:19 "The Didymus In Us"

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