Grace Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church

Grace Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church 

"Serving with the Love of Christ and a Spirit of Excellence" 

Rev. Gary Sansom

Rev. Gary Sansom is a committed follower 
of Jesus Christ who has a passion for 
preaching the Gospel. He preached his 
first sermon in December of 2007. He is a 
proud father, grandfather and husband. His greatest joy is seeing young men develop 
into Godly mature men who provide for their families and live their lives to the glory of God.

Rev. Sansom Preaching Assignments

 Bible References

7/17/16 7:45am

1 Sam 17:38-40, Eph 6:10

 "What Do You Do Between Anointing And Appointing"

2/28/16 7:45am
1st Corinthians 9:24
"Let's Get Fine"
11/1/16 6:30PM
1 Thessalonians. 5:12-18
"I Need Them To Thrive"
 8/16/15 7:45AM
Mark 10:46-48
" How to shout till my change comes"

Rev. Sansom Video

2/28/16 7:45am Rev. Gary Sansom

1st Corinthians 9:24 "Let's Get Fine"

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