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Pastor's Birthday Party Page

This page is about the Annual Birthday Party we have for the coolest Pastor ever!!!

Pastor's Annual Birthday Party

Pastor's Annual Birthday Party is definitely a party you don't wanna miss, live band, good food, our Pastor playing the guitar, his joke telling, the Annual Grace Award Show, and oh yeah the 12 days of Christmas.  The 12 days of Christmas is where we do the 12 days of Christmas by standing and singing your day.  When we arrive to the party a card is there, where you sit, with your day so at the end of the party Pastor sings the 12 days of Christmas and  when your day come up please be on time because we have to start all over and its been a couple years we had an extended stay because we couldn't get it right.  It is a ball and its a time for fellowship in a party setting, we really let our hair down.