Grace Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church

Grace Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church 

"Serving with the Love of Christ and a Spirit of Excellence" 

Grace Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church History

The Grace Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church had her genesis on the 1st Sunday in May 1987 at the Shiloh Baptist Church in north Fort Worth where the Rev. Albert Chew is pastor. We began with twenty-seven members, fourteen adults and thirteen children. The lord loved us enough to appoint Pastor Roy Elton Brackins as our first and only pastor to date.

During our church history we have seen many highs and lows. The lows have strengthened our faith in God and the highs have proven to us that nothing is impossible with God if we walk with Him and trust Him by faith. We had our first worship experience at the Shiloh Baptist Church and from there we worshiped at the Holiday Inn and the Courtyard hotels, and even used the swimming pool to baptize new converts. During some of our extremely lean days we even worshiped in our Pastor’s home. By the Grace of God we were allowed to share the church building with the Grace Temple Seven Day Adventist Church, and we utilized it as our temporary home until 1991.

The Lord then allowed us to worship in a storefront property on Wichita street from July of 1992 until August of 1993. It was then that God favored us to purchase our first permanent church home at 609 Wichita street.

The move to the new location was both challenging and developing. The Lord taught us some valuable and life changing lessons during those thirteen years at 609 Wichita street. In January of 1998 when all hope seemed to have been gone and we thought we were about to lose our church, God once again reveled His mighty hand. He allowed us to maintain our campus and honored our faith by adding to His Church daily those who were being saved. In 2002, we opened an outreach center called “Garments and Groceries from Grace” which was tailored to meet the needs of those who were less fortunate in our community. Then in October of 2003 the Lord allowed us to build a Children and Youth Center which was named in honor of our pastor’s late father, Mr. Leroy Brackins Jr.

In May of 2004 we again launched out by faith under the visionary leadership of Pastor Brackins and we purchased the seven acres of land our present Church Campus occupies. We began the building construction of Phase I of our Church Campus in September of 2005 and on the 3rd Sunday in May 2006 we entered our present church home. In January of 2007 we started construction of Phase II, our Fellowship Hall and Kitchen and the project was completed in July of that same year. In October of 2011 we completed Phase III, our Family Life Center, which includes a Gymnasium, Kitchen, additional classrooms, and office. The total appraised value of all three phases of our Church Campus is $2,800,000.

Our membership has grown from 27 to over 500 and we now have more than 30 need meeting active and vibrant ministries at Grace Tabernacle.

It is by God’s grace that we have been kept and used to His glory.

We give Him all the praise and we realize that if we remain faithful “The Best Is Yet to Come.”

We are a Church who strives to serve Jesus Christ with a “Spirit of Excellence!”